There are fantastic events coming up that showcase local and national talent.

Competition organisers are working hard to get events up and running and we look forward to your support at these events.

To help plan your dance year the latest dance calendar can be downloaded here.

A huge thanks to competition organisers who invest time, effort, and money to bring us all dance and dancesport events.

  • The New Zealand Federation of Dance Teachers
  • The New Zealand Federal Teachers of Dance
  • The New Zealand Dancesport Amateurs
  • Shirley Wall Dance
  • Mark Glastonbury Dance
  • Gore Dancesport
  • Rachel’s Studio of Dance
  • United Dance Sport Incorporated

Join us at these events and help Dance and Dancesport thrive!


The New Zealand Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing Inc. (the NZFATD) promotes dance in its various forms, adhering to and fostering through its syllabi, a uniform system of instruction to develop dancers in both leisure time and competitive spheres, and to prepare dancers pursuing teaching careers.

The NZFATD awards to teachers of dance, certificates of qualification based upon assessment by examination. It also has a variety of examinations available for dancers, from amateur medal tests to professional degrees in Ballroom, Latin American, New Vogue, Classical Sequence and Rock n’ Roll.

In this website you will find copies of the NZFATD Accreditation Programme and Syllabus that are available for download, and also a calendar of events run by the NZFATD, as well as various news items about the NZFATD and dance in New Zealand.

George Nicholls