NZFATD and NZFDT working together for the future of dance in NZ

New Zealand Federal Association of Teachers of Dance supports the NZ Federation of Dance Teachers in their removal of the NZ Open Dance Championships from the NZ Dance Council’s calendar.

There is a lot of misunderstanding within the dance community around these decisions and their effect on the competition status. The competition will continue to run as normal – details here

NZFDT has run this Championship for the past 68 years, even before the NZ Dance Council was formed. We continue to recognise and support them in the running of this Championship as the official New Zealand Open National Titles.

The National Championships winners in each age division and grade will also be recognised by the New Zealand Recreational Dance Incorporated, who are proud members of the World Dance Organisation

More frequently we are seeing phrases such as “Freedom to Dance” and “Unite” and “Free to Choose”.  NZFATD and NZFDT and NZDA have been working more collaboratively than ever, with these sentiments in mind. We have mended many bridges, progress has and is being made. Together we will develop Dancesport and together we strive for a positive future that we will be proud of in this small corner of the world.

Please enjoy the Championships on Labour Weekend, dancers – dance your hearts out and win those titles!